Office of the Accountant General 

Azad Government of the State of Jammu & Kashmir

General Provident Fund

4.8.1     Introduction The procedures described in the following regulations shall be applicable to General Provident Fund (GP Fund).

  • Provident Funds Act (XIX of 1925)
  • General Provident Fund Rules (AJ&K Government and Council employees). This Section covers GP Fund payments (both advances and final payment) in relation to all employees of the Federal and Provincial Government who are subscribers to the Fund. An employee is compulsory subscribed to the GP Fund from the date of his/her appointment. Monthly subscription is by deduction from the monthly payroll. For employees on foreign service, the monthly subscription is by way of a voucher. A uniform rate of subscription, as advised by the Government, is used for a financial year. Interest and bonus payment shall be regulated in accordance with the General Provident Fund Rules.

4.8.2     Advance from G P Fund. A temporary advance from the GP Fund may be granted to a subscriber on certain conditions as laid down in the General Provident Fund Rules. If the subscriber was given an advance from the GP Fund, any further advance may be allowed but only where the previous advance with interest has been repaid. This can be recovered from the amount of the second advance. The advance is repayable in such equal monthly instalment as sanctioned by a delegated authority. The monthly instalment should not be less than 12 and more than 48. A subscriber at his/her option may pay more than one instalment in a month. Recovery may be postponed, on a subscriber’s written request, by the delegated authority. A nonrefundable advance may be granted where the subscriber’s age is over a certain threshold, as laid down in the General Provident Fund Rules. In all cases the amount of the advance shall not exceed 80% of the balance in the account of the subscriber on the date of application for the grant of advance.