Pension Services

Pensioner's Card

With the introduction of Direct Credit System, Pension Book has been replaced by monthly pension slip. Therefore, issuance of an identity document like pensioner card was a major demand of the pensioners for identification purpose. Now a pension card has been designed and being issued to the pensioners. Download Pensioner ID Card Circular and Request Form.

Pension Restoration Date

If an employee retires on superannuation (on attaining the age of 60 years) then he has to add 12 years in his/her date of superannuation

For example If date of superannuation is 12/04/2021 then date of restoration will be 13/04/2033.

Similarly if an employee retires earlier before reaching the age of superannuation. First he/she has to calculate the date to reach the age of superannuation and thereafter add 12 years to age of superannuation that will be his/her date of restoration.

For example if date of birth of an employee is 15/04/1991 and he/she retires before his/her date of superannuation i.e. 01/07/2025. His/Her date of superannuation will be 14/04/2051. By adding 12 years in his/her date of superanuation his/her restoration date will be 15/04/2063.