Loans & Advances

Loans and Advances: -

    Loans Section deals with the matters of long term advances to Government Employees of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on provision of budget allocated by the Finance Department

    The concerned Department Sanctions the Advance in the name of employee and payment is made centerally from "Loans Section" of AG Office at Muzaffarabad, after fullfiling all the codal formalities required for payment.

  • House Building Advances
  • HBA is granted to permanent employees of the government equal to 36 months pay.

  • Car Advances
  • Car Advance is granted as per following criteria:-

    Loan Categary Criteria Amount
    Car Advance Basic Pay Rs 35,000/- and above 1,000,000/-
    Motor Cycle Basic Pay Rs 15,001/- and above 100,000/-
    Cycle Basic Pay upto Rs 15,000/- 10,000/-
  • Documents Required for HBA
    1. Original Sanction of the loan.
    2. Attested copies of ownership of the Plot/House.
    3. Attested copy payslip.
    4. Attested copy of the NIC.
    5. Attested Copy of Service Statement
    6. Attested Copy of Form/Agreement deed GFR 23 (Duely filled)
    7. Attested Copy of Form/proprietary rights GFR 30 (Duely filled)
    8. Two copies of claim/bill
    9. Map of the House with estimates duely attested by the SDO
  • Documents Required or Car Advance
    1. Original Sanction of the Car Advance.
    2. Attested copy of the NIC.
    3. Attested copy of last payslip.