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4.7.1     Introduction Procedures described in the provisions of any rule contained in the Civil Service Regulations or of any departmental regulations issued by, or under the authority of, the President shall be applicable to pensions. This Section covers the pension payments in relation to all ex-employees (past employees), who were in the civil service of the AJ&K Government AJ&K Council..

4.7.2     Due date   The monthly pension shall be paid on the first working day of the following calendar month, being the due date of payment. Where an employee is retired during a month, the pension payment for that month is allocated on a working day basis.

4.7.3     Payment by direct credit The normal method of payment of pension shall be by credit transfer direct to a bank account nominated by the employee. This is the most secure and economical method of payment and it automatically ensures that pensioners have access to their pension on the due date. Moreover, direct credit has tangible advantages, over payment by cheque, against risks of theft or fraud. For the purpose of enabling pension payments to be made by direct credit, the pensioner shall furnish to DAO/AG a payment authority nominating the account with a bank to which pension payment may be credited. The authority shall specify the name and branch of the bank, the full title of the nominated account and the account number. Where a pension is paid through direct credit transfer, the pensioner shall personally visit the relevant DAO/AG every three months and present his/her "Pension Book" and "National Identity Card". The delegated officer in the DAO/AG shall certify that the pensioner is alive, and shall sign, date and stamp the Pension Book for the last three months. At the same time the officer shall update the pension records.